Terms of Use

  • Only 1 order can be entered into an Account at the same time, when 2 orders are entered at the same time, there will be incomplete submissions. MedyaPanel is not responsible.
  • If the followers in your account are falling or if there are followers from anywhere before placing an order, do not place an order, your transactions will not start and it will cause problems.
  • Accounts to be withdrawn should not have any privacy.
  • Min and Max quantities are the smallest and largest quantities you can enter when ordering. You cannot order above or below.
  • Copy the link of the instagram account to order followers. Then, write the amount you want to send in the amount section.
  • Example link to send Instagram followers: https://www.instagram.com/cocacola/
  • Enter the link of the shared image to order likes or views. Then, write the amount you want to send in the amount section.
  • Example link to send Instagram likes: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCbSuUGAp7q/
  • With the automatic Paytr payment option, you can load your balance immediately and start your transactions, or you can load the balance by wire transfer/EFT.
  • The system is prepared in such a way that you can get the best performance.
  • All services start/complete quickly.
  • You can get support from 09:00 in the morning to 01:00 at night via Ticket / Whatsapp / Skype.
  • The default minimum payment amount is 5TL.
  • Those who deposit a balance with ATM must cover the deduction, they will have a balance equal to the fee transferred to our account.
  • Your cancellation/refund request will not be accepted after the orders are entered into the system. If the order is not completed/partially completed, the system will automatically issue a refund.
  • Delivery of all products within 24 hours cannot be guaranteed. It is not known when which service can bring an update.
  • The limit for each service is the limit per account. The account that uses a service with a maximum limit of 3k cannot shoot 4k.
  • There should be no privacy in the accounts to be withdrawn, in case of problems, the responsibility belongs to the member.
  • Fees written next to the products are 1.000 (1K) fee.
  • Anyone who communicates with us accepts these rules and cannot complain or claim any rights.
  • Those who place an order through Medyapanel.net are deemed to have accepted all the conditions listed above.
  • There is absolutely no guarantee of falling followers.

Return Policy

  • The right to return after payment is entirely ours and will be made when deemed necessary.
  • Medyapanel reserves the right to remove the member in case of any chargeback or withdrawal in the payments made.
  • Unauthorized transaction or stolen credit card, member account will be closed without exception for any fraudulent activity.

Privacy Policy

  • This policy covers how we will use your personal information. Your privacy is important to us and every precaution is taken to protect it.
  • Your information is never shared with third parties.